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The Best of Days: Selected 2013 Dailies

by Damn Sight

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Selected tunes from the 10.5 hours of music from the Dailies project of 2013, remastered and presented as a lovingly crafted mixtape.

If you like what you hear here and crave more of the like, go to the discography and find "The Complete Dailies: 2013" for the full-on experience. It's all free and shareable.


released July 21, 2015

dedicated to my best friend and spouse, Mi-sun Lee for putting up with and in fact encouraging my daily compulsion to do this project. I love you completely.




Damn Sight Republic of Korea

new album: LIGHT, COLOR AND TIME is out. Please enjoy.

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Track Name: summer on! (6/18)
and the livin' is Thelma and Louise-y

yeah summer's here
and the time is right
for dancin' with a parakeet

so make haste
and do not waste
a single Danny Kay

cos even when it's raining
we're singin' and dancin'

summer on
Track Name: Mike and Kyoung-mi's Wedding (2/25)
Everyone came back to see the wedding
David Scraggs had really short hair

Angry Steve told the story of his nickname
There were 4 bartenders at a single table

Roy sang well
Vasana played well

Everyone ate tons
and Jeff's a vegetarian
Nurungjitang is delicious
Track Name: TGIM (11/11)
Thank god it's monday I don't know what I was gonna do all that free time? Thank god it's monday. I hate the weekend all that fun all I think about is going back to work and getting some stuff done yeah thank god it's monday
Track Name: who weeps for the extrovert? (7/11)
who weeps for the extrovert
all alone on the stage?
attention is addictive, baby
and fame the only fix

who weeps for the rich
all alone in their 5-star hotel rooms?
worshipped by the have-nots
it's lonely at the top, sugar

help me, Amanda Palmer
you're my only hope

life is so hard
when you're stuck
at an adolescent level
of emotional development

who weeps for the fevered egos?
the sweet tooth?
the risk-taker?
the Type A personalities?
the controversy prone?
the fashionably uninhibited?
the "ME" people?
the Gordon Geckos?
the messianic rock singers?
the attention whores?
the ones who absolutely,
positively must be the most
interesting person in the room?

help me, Amanda Palmer
you're my only hope

life is so hard
and people can be so hurtful
Track Name: turn off your filter (11/5)
You set yourself up
like a 2 barreled duck shot
you knock yourself down
off the edge of my shoulder

you lift yourself up
and lick all you got
you push yourself down
you're getting nothing but older

turn off the filter
just turn off your filter
turn it off

you eat it up
cuz it feels so good with your brain turned off
you repeat it all I'm amazed you memorized it
you set me off like a 2 barreled buckshot
I can't not cuz your ignorance is mesmerizing

turn off the filter
just turn off your filter
turn it off
turn it off

everyone is tuning you out

turn off the filter
turn off your filter
turned it off
Track Name: optimistic clothing (6/20)
"get out"
said the old man
"while you can"
to teeth flower clenched
young lad
clad in optimistic clothing

"there's not enough stuff"
he huffed
"to go around in this town
so get your ticket
and take it back
to whatever thicket
you crawled out from"

"get in"
said the young man
"get it while you can
the teeth in your flowers clenched"
the young lad said
clad in optimistic clothing

"there's plenty of stuff"
he huffed
"to go around
in this town
so keep your ticket
and put it in the bank
where you can get it
the next time around"
Track Name: Ode to Toronto (8/27)
why'd ya hafta go and be so cool?
you make me wanna stay at home from school
you make me wanna go out
you got a way of freaking out at night
you got a way of smoking out of sight
I never wanted it to end
Track Name: yesterday ruined gum (10/2)
Walking down the subway stairs
A piece of wrongly discarded gum
attached itself to my shoe's underside

It left an embarrassing, angular connect the dots trail
with every footstep to the subway car
And later that evening at the jazz club
I remove the last pristine chip from the bowl on the table
And place it
in my mouth
My first thought was
Why are these chips mildly peppermint flavored?
And why so chewy?
It was then
at that very moment
I realized that
Someone had put their chewed gum into the chip bowl
Despite the fact that one good chip remained within

I can still taste it today

I hate you, gum

From now on you and I are enemies
This is war...
Track Name: the jams (9/9)
Kick out the jams!
Kick out the jams!
Track Name: gravity waves (6/26)
gravity waves
Track Name: it was great (5/4)
it was great to see you again, ol' buddy
take care,
(yes, it was)
(we should use the skype)
Track Name: be nice (10/13)
I try to be nice
it gets me nowhere
I smile on the street
I smile on the subway
every time we meet
you treat me as if I'm not even there

I try to be nice
I try to be nice (sigh)
a smile wouldn't kill you
I don't have too many left

I try to be nice
it gets me nowhere
I try to be nice

I open the door
I walk you through
oh but you treat me like
I'm invisible to you
oh god
I'm a nice guy
Track Name: golden flakes (11/1)
little golden flakes
in my beverage
taste like cinnamon
Track Name: woe is me (1/31)
she anchored the easle
with a brush clenched in her teeth
the madman she was just talking to is long gone
he's off to find somewhere to piss
and get drunk one last time

and his mother couldn't care less
and his wife does not exist
and his credit cards have all expired
and he cries
woe is me
Track Name: midnight coffee (5/23)
a dozen places on that map
a three day weekend, then a nap
I can smell the midnight coffee now

the dusty bedside table book
that class in school I never took
the earth revolves
the year dissolves
and here we are again

I'll keep my eyes open
every day
I don't want to say
that I missed anything

a dozen places on that map
a three day weekend, then a nap
I can smell the midnight coffee now
Track Name: seething stepsisters (5/29)
when money rains down onto the crowd
I'll be the one with the umbrella
the world is filled with evil step sisters
who think they are all Cinderella

I have a feeling
we are about to learn
a very important lesson
about what makes the world turn

everyone says they do what they do
for the love of the game
but one person's art
is another person's money
they are definitely not the same

I have a feeling
the prince will be a no-show
and all those seething step sisters
they will all go home alone
Track Name: tip of the iceberg (10/16)
All that money has gone to your head
you better wake the hell up instead
you got caught with your pants down
all that money gonna put you in the ground
you can't have everything that you want
you're going to lose everything that you bought
you're not the end all
you are not the be all
you're not the man
you're not the queen or king
you're not the next best thing
your time is coming to an end
you're done
Track Name: send her home (9/11)
Send them my regards
have them send me the bill
past the security guards
by sheer force of will
and send her home to me

when I got there she was dressed
chatting with the old lady friends she'd made
Track Name: the voice of fear (11/10)
I heard a voice call my name
it was a voice that
tells me I will always be the same
it's a voice that lies
it's a voice of fear
and I'm not listening anymore
Track Name: curly cue birthday (12/17)
Its a curly Q birthday
and he is cool
its a curly Q curly Q birthday
and he is no fool
its a curly Q birthday birthday birthday
he pees in the pool
he's pasta fagioli
he starting to drool
he is cool
he is no fool
happy birthday
Track Name: for Pragaash (6/14)
this is a message to three girls in Kashmir
Noma, Fahrah, and Aneekah
your band, Pragaash, made it's first public appearance
at a battle of the bands
you walked away with an award for
Best Performance
but after the Fatwah and death threats
you had to walk away with your lives
Pragaash, to us, means "Band of Lights"
and what a bright light you shone around the world
I hope you never, ever, stop performing
(even in secret)
for a moment, your light exposed
a terrible darkness
Track Name: summer is over (10/17)
Summer is over
and it's good for my soul
summer has ended
let the glorious wind blow

I don't care
I can always get warm
I don't care
I love a good strong winter storm
summer is over
pale moon up in the night

summer has ended
a harvest feast
under its light

summer is over
and it's good for my soul
summer has ended
let the glorious wind blow

I don't care
I can always get warm
I don't care
I love a good strong winter storm
I love a strong good winter storm
Track Name: we are all (10/15)
And we are all just passing through
and we are all made up of dust
we are all just grown up kids
and we are all screaming at once
and we are all about to sleep
and we are all a passing phase
we are almost 6 feet deep
and we are all measuring our graves
and we are all stuck right here
and we all think we are bereft
we are all woven together
because we are all that we have left
Track Name: go to sleep (10/10)
go to sleep, my child
better things will come to you